If you are like me and value your health over everything else, then an alkaline water filter might be something you need in the future. Combining the best aspects of water filtration and water ionizing, alkaline water filters can turn your boring drinking water into the best-tasting, healthiest water you have ever seen inside a home.

Alkaline water filters use a process called electrolysis to change your water at a molecular level to create antioxidant-rich water flow, right from your kitchen sink. The benefits of alkaline water are endless, and you will see an immediate improvement in water tastes and purity.

When it comes to providing your family with clean drinking water, alkaline filters are widely regarded as the best possible solution. There are several different options available from all price points, and each one has its unique benefits and qualities. By following our step-by-step guide, you will learn everything you need to know (and more) about alkaline water filters. We will provide you with in-depth information that helps you choose the best alkaline water filter for you.

Best Alkaline Pitcher
Ehm Ultra Premium Alkaline water Filter Pitcher - 3.8L, Activated Carbon Filter- BPA Free, Healthy, Clean, & Toxin-Free Mineralized Alkaline Water in Minutes- Up to 9.5 pH-2021
Best For Whole House
APEC Water Systems ROES-PH75 Essence Series Top Tier Alkaline Mineral pH+ 75 GPD 6-Stage Certified Ultra Safe Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water Filter System
Best Countertop Unit
Aqua Ionizer Deluxe 9.0 Aqua-Ionizer Pro Alkaline Water Ionizer Machine
Ehm Ultra Premium Alkaline water Filter Pitcher - 3.8L, Activated Carbon Filter- BPA Free, Healthy, Clean, & Toxin-Free Mineralized Alkaline Water in Minutes- Up to 9.5 pH-2021
APEC Water Systems ROES-PH75 Essence Series Top Tier Alkaline Mineral pH+ 75 GPD 6-Stage Certified Ultra Safe Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water Filter System
Aqua Ionizer Deluxe 9.0 Aqua-Ionizer Pro Alkaline Water Ionizer Machine
Best Alkaline Pitcher
Ehm Ultra Premium Alkaline water Filter Pitcher - 3.8L, Activated Carbon Filter- BPA Free, Healthy, Clean, & Toxin-Free Mineralized Alkaline Water in Minutes- Up to 9.5 pH-2021
Ehm Ultra Premium Alkaline water Filter Pitcher - 3.8L, Activated Carbon Filter- BPA Free, Healthy, Clean, & Toxin-Free Mineralized Alkaline Water in Minutes- Up to 9.5 pH-2021
Best For Whole House
APEC Water Systems ROES-PH75 Essence Series Top Tier Alkaline Mineral pH+ 75 GPD 6-Stage Certified Ultra Safe Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water Filter System
APEC Water Systems ROES-PH75 Essence Series Top Tier Alkaline Mineral pH+ 75 GPD 6-Stage Certified Ultra Safe Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water Filter System
Best Countertop Unit
Aqua Ionizer Deluxe 9.0 Aqua-Ionizer Pro Alkaline Water Ionizer Machine
Aqua Ionizer Deluxe 9.0 Aqua-Ionizer Pro Alkaline Water Ionizer Machine

🥇 Best Alkaline Water Filter Reviews: [Updated]

1. Perfect Water – TMHP System – Best Undersink Alkaline Filter

Highlighted Features

  • 4 words – I love this unit.
  • No wrenches required – push-in fittings for easy filter changes.
  • 8.5″ of carbon contact time
  • Catalytic carbon that removes chloramines

What We Like:

  • The size of this under-sink filter is great. It does not take up a lot of space.
  • 9 Stages of filtration.
  • Removes up to 98% of contaminants.
  • 0.0001 micron down membrane.
  • 2x Coconut shell activated carbon and artesian remineralization

What We Didn’t Like:

  • The system will not work with water that is coming from a good system.

2. Aqua Ionizer Deluxe | Best Countertop Home Alkaline Filtration System

Aqua Ionizer Deluxe

Highlighted Features

  • It is a countertop unit designed to sit next to your sink.
  • There is an activated charcoal filter built-in to remove impurities before ionizing.
  • The system will increase water’s pH levels up to 11 in some cases.
  • There is an LED screen that shows you the process and what stage it is in.

This countertop unit is small enough to be hidden in plain sight but does not compromise when it comes to providing quality alkaline water. The platinum-coated finish on the system looks great and will add value to any home.

You can choose from 7 different water types using a simple touch of a button. Choose between wellness water and cosmetic water to ensure you are getting the perfect water for the situation.

There is a stainless-steel hose included that helps combat bacteria build-up and keeps water clean. The activated carbon filter level removes water impurities before reaching the electrolysis process to ensure you are getting alkaline water that is clean and pure from contaminants. This unit is priced right at below $500 and has loads of benefits.

What We Like:

  • The size of this countertop ionizer is great. It does not take a lot of space up.
  • There are seven different water options you can choose from based on the need for water; you can choose non-ionized if you are not drinking the water.
  • The carbon filter seems to do a job of removing harmful toxins from the water.
  • The ORP can be set to -600, which is super healthy for drinking water.
  • There is a self-cleaning function on the alkaline system that makes it virtually maintenance-free.

What We Didn’t Like:

  • The system will not work with water that is coming from a good system.

3. APEC Water Systems ROES-PH75 Top Tier Alkaline

APEC Water Systems

Highlighted Features

  • This system combines a 6-stage filtration with typical Reverse Osmosis (RO) features that will remove up to 99% of contaminants that lead to bad water odor and taste.
  • All the tubing and filters included with this system is food-grade, and the system is certified by the Water Quality Association (WQA.)
  • The included faucet has a sleek design and is one of the highest quality faucets that we have come across in a RO system kit.

When you make the commitment to invest in a water filtration system, the most important thing to consider is the water quality. While it is nice to have all the additional bells and whistles, the most important thing is the healthiness of the water. APEC has consistently provided us with the most high-quality water testing results and does so with an affordable price tag.

The addition of the alkaline filter is one of our favorite features of this system. The calcium-carbonate filter does a wonderful job of increasing the water’s pH level, which makes it the best tasting water you can find. Combing the alkaline features with the other 5 stages and the reverse osmosis process ensures that you will get the best water quality of the dedicated food-grade faucet. Water testing has proven that you will see a decrease in total dissolved solids (TDS), which are among the hardest contaminants to remove.

The installation process is among the easiest we have seen to this point. APECS’s endless amount of support and instructional videos available make it almost impossible to steer wrong while you install the system. The bracket that attaches to your cupboard is made from a quality metal construction and ensures that your system will not move around or tip over.

What We Like:

  • The distribution of 75-90 gallons of water per day is among the best we have seen for a reverse osmosis system at this price point.
  • We love the addition of the alkaline filter. It adds something that many reverse osmosis systems do not provide and ensures your water quality is the safest it can be for drinking.
  • The included fast-flow faucet is one of the best faucets that we have seen to this point. It can rotate a full 360-degrees and has a sleek finish to it as well.

What We Didn’t Like:

  • The pressure relief valve on the RO tank is plastic, which is easily broken. We prefer brass.

4. AQUASPREE Exclusive 7 Stage Alkaline Water Filter


Highlighted Features

  • This is a countertop unit that also uses gravity to run the water through the filters.
  • There are seven stages of water purification included.
  • It can hold 12 liters or 2.1 gallons of purified and ionized water.
  • There is a tap handle at the bottom of the unit for easy water delivery.

Countertop filters that rely on gravity are becoming more and more popular because of their simple design and easy mobility.

The AQUASPREE systems check those boxes and many more. It has a sharp design and looks good sitting on your countertop while still providing quality alkaline water. The holding tanks are massive with this model as well, ensuring that you will have enough water to make it through the day.

Where this system will be great is for people who want to bring their clean water with them. People with RVs or who want clean water at work can pack this up easily and bring their systems with them as they please.

It is sized perfectly to not take up too much space on your countertop as well. The filters do a good job of removing common tap water toxins and are easy to change in and out.

What We Like:

  • When it comes to countertop units, the size of this one is great.
  • There is a lot of filtering packed into such a small package; the seven stages are great.
  • Because it is so light, you can bring this with you anywhere. It is very easy to pack and travel with.
  • There are detailed instructions that explain where the filters go and how to flush them before using the system.
  • Many gravity systems do not hold a ton of water, but this one can hold a ton of purified water and has a large tank that can bring even more.

What We Didn’t Like:

  • I was hoping the pH level would be increased more.

5. Aqua Ionizer Deluxe 9.0 Pro Alkaline Water Ionizer Machine

 Aqua Ionizer Deluxe 9.0

Highlighted Features

  • This electric alkaline ionizer has seven water settings the user can customize.
  • The system runs on 110 volts.
  • There is a stainless-steel hose attached for easy water delivery.
  • It combines ionizing and water filtering and lasts up to 4000 liters before filter replacement.

When it comes to getting the healthiest water available, the Aqua Ionizer may be the choice for you. It uses 110-volts to ionize your water and filter out common contaminants at the same time. The system was a breeze to install, and because of its slender shape, it takes up virtually no space on your countertops. The included water filter lasts for up to 4000 liters as well, which we have found is the equivalent of around ten months!

Our favorite part of the ionizer was the seven different water settings. You can tell the system what you are using the water for with the touch of a button, and it will produce water for that activity that is scientifically proven to be the best. It will provide multiple drinking water types to avoid over-exposure to alkaline water and will also track your water usage.

What We Like:

  • The customization available is amazing, seven different settings will ionize your water to the perfect levels based on the setting you choose.
  • You can achieve an ORP of -860, which is the best we have tested thus far.
  • The included filter is a nice touch. You do not need another filtration system to achieve clean and alkaline water.
  • Installation took about 10 minutes, and I did not need any tools.
  • I think the size is perfect; it does not take up too much countertop space.

What We Didn’t Like:

  • I wish the hose were a little longer; it is only half a foot or so.

5. bawell Platinum Alkaline Water Ionizer Machine

bawell Platinum

Highlighted Features

  • It comes with a lifetime warranty.
  • There are eight different water settings available with this model.
  • It can connect to either the faucet or the water line below the sink.
  • The LED display will show pH levels and water ORP 1

There is a TON that we loved about the bawell alkaline filter. First off, the design is great; it features an easy-to-use and read LED touch screen and has two filter slots in the back, hiding them but still providing us with great water. The eight customized water types are also a great feature for those of us that want to get the absolute most out of our alkaline water filter.

The first thing I noticed was the improved taste in my drinking water. By selecting the drinking water setting, I was able to let the machine do its job, and I got the best drinking water available. It has a great range of ORP settings from +600 to -800, great for any application. The system is designed to be on your countertop, and its modern look is a nice addition to any kitchen.

What We Like:

  • The built-in filters have longevity of around 5000 liters, which is great!
  • You can customize your pH to be between 2 and 12.
  • The design is sleek enough that it does not take a lot of space upon your countertop.
  • I liked the length of the hose; it is long enough to do pretty much anything.
  • Changing the filters in the back of the system is smooth and easy.

What We Didn’t Like:

  • The connection with the hose seems loose, causing a few leaks.

6. EHM Ultra Premium Alkaline Water Pitcher

EHM Ultra Premium

Highlighted Features

  • This self-filtering pitcher holds up to 3.8 total liters of water and has a filtered water reservoir that holds 2 liters of purified water.
  • The filtering qualities that the EHM possesses use micro-clustering to reduce water molecule size. This helps make the water alkaline, which is free from radicals and toxins.
  • The EHM alkaline filter has 6 stages and can adjust the water’s pH level to 10 depending on the water source. It will usually increase water by 1-2 pH counts at a minimum.

The EHM alkaline water pitcher is amongst the best in its class when it comes to self-filtering water pitchers. One of the most common water filtering solutions has evolved throughout the last decade to do so much more with your water than ever before. EHM revolutionized this filtering type by being able to fit a 6-stage water filter into a small, compact water filtering pitcher.

It has a wonderfully ergonomic design that allows you to easily handle the pitcher, and even though it fits 3.8 liters of water, it will easily fit in your refrigerator’s door. When it comes to its filtering capabilities, it will remove all the common contaminants found in most municipal water supplies and then some. The entire pitcher is made from 100% BPA-Free, food-grade materials, which helps eliminate micro-organisms that may sneak through the filtering process.

The filters will last from 6-8 weeks, which is standard among self-filtering water pitchers, and they are among the easiest to remove and replace within the pitcher. That is one of the most common complaints among people regarding their self-filtering water pitchers.

What We Like:

  • The 6-stage filter is among the most impressive of any water filtering pitcher we have ever reviewed. It removes more contaminants than most self-filtering pitchers.
  • The size of the self-filtering water pitcher is perfect. It allows for enough water throughout the day without it needing to constantly be refilled.
  • We love that the alkaline filter adds valuable pH and alkaline water characteristics. For the price tag, this is a huge bonus.
  • The filters are the easiest to change that we have tested thus far.

What We Didn’t Like:

  • We were hoping the filters would last longer.

7. Tyent UCE-11 Under Counter Water Ionizer

Tyent UCE-11

Highlighted Features

  • This unit features a “smart tap” that has a dedicated faucet with an LED screen built-in.
  • There are 11 platinum plates for water ionization.
  • There are nine different water settings to choose from.
  • The negative ORP level can reach up to -1050.

We were blown away by the Tyent alkaline water filter. The number of standard water filtration features combined with the high-tech modern alkaline unit does a great job of providing amazing water. The coolest part of this system is that the 9 different settings are completely controlled by your dedicated faucet. The alkaline system is placed under your sink while the faucet is installed above, hiding the alkaline box while still having complete control over your water.

The filtering quality was top-notch for a combined ionizer and filtering unit. While the Tyent is the most expensive system on our list, it is also packed with the most features. The 11 platinum plates are constructed of a mesh-like design that is widely regarded as the best material for electrolysis. There is a reason why this is one of the highest-reviewed water filters we have ever investigated.

What We Like:

  • A beautiful and modern design. It looks great in ANY kitchen.
  • The dedicated faucet has nine settings and two different spigots you can use.
  • There are multiple water filters included to ensure water is purified and ionized.
  • The ionizer is small enough to place under any sink, and the faucet contains all the settings so you will not need to adjust the unit.
  • The filters are of high quality, featuring 0.01 Micron filtration.

What We Didn’t Like:

  • The replacement filters are more expensive than others.

8. iSpring RCC7AK High Capacity Reverse Osmosis

iSpring RCC7AK

Highlighted Features

  • This under-sink model will add valuable minerals to your drinking water.
  • Removes over 1,000 different contaminants from your drinking and sink water.
  • Easy installation for any homeowner, there is no need to rethread any piping and no need to have the prior plumbing experience.
  • 75 gallon-per-day capacity of clean and pure filtered water.

If you are looking for better drinking water and sink water without the need for a full-scale water softening unit, then look no further than the iSpring under sink model. Using a 5-stage reverse osmosis process, your sink water will come out crystal clear after the softener, and the filter combo removes over 1,000 different elements that do not need to be in your water.

Another thing we love about this iSpring unit is how easy it is to change the filters out. First off, filters are available from the manufacturer at direct pricing, and they can be changed in mere minutes.

On average, a filter replacement is needed every three months, but considering this small sink unit does not use salt, you can offset the cost, and besides, there is no value you can place on clean drinking water.

What We Like:

  • There are no moving parts within the system, making it quiet and low maintenance.
  • iSpring provides lifetime support, no matter the issue, they are there.
  • Includes a 1-year warranty and money-back guarantee on all parts of the filtration and softening system.
  • The packaging is solid, and all parts were individually wrapped and protected to ensure everything was working and intact upon arrival.
  • Installation can be done very quickly, on average, from 1-2 hours for most people.

What We Didn’t Like:

  • We did notice that the water pressure is lacking a little bit with the iSpring unit.

9. Express Water Reverse Osmosis Alkaline Filtration System

Express Water

Highlighted Features

  • This Reverse Osmosis (RO) and 5-Stage filtering combination can remove 99.9% of contaminants found in common water supplies.
  • The 5 filtration stages are marked clearly with a 3-letter abbreviation that identifies exactly their role in the filtration process.
  • Express Water allows you to customize your filtration process by adding additional optional features like UV lights, and alkaline water filter additions.

This Reverse Osmosis (RO) water filtration system comes with all the bells and whistles one could ever want in a water filtration system. For starters, it is one of the easiest RO systems to install, thanks to the elaborately detailed instructions and top-notch customer support provided by Express Water. Each of the 5 filters is marked with the role it plays in the filtration process, and they also have a diagram that displays where it goes in the bracket. This helps tremendously when changing filters in and out.

The results of the water filtration process speak for themselves, quite frankly. Between the multi-stage filtration process and the top-notch RO process, you will see a decrease of 99.99% of contaminants, and you will have the cleanest and healthiest water you could ever ask for. The components of the system are also top-notch, as they do not have any plastic fittings or valves anywhere.

The flow rate is among the strongest we have seen from a RO system like this, and it remains solid thanks to the high-flow faucet. One of our favorite features of the system is the leak-detection alarm. If the system detects any water where it should not be, it will shut down all water supplies, which can save you from disaster!

What We Like:

  • This RO system was among the easiest to install that we have come across. Everything is marked clearly, and the instructions and support from Home Master’s are one of the best in the industry.
  • The leak detection alarm is an incredible feature. It would stop all water flow if moisture was detected outside of the tank or water lines.
  • We like that there are tons of optional additional features that you can add to your water filter system. UV Water Filter, Alkaline Water Filter, Deionization Water Filter, and more options are available.

What We Didn’t Like:

  • The amount of water discharged from the RO process is more than other systems.

What is an alkaline water filter?

An alkaline water filter sometimes referred to as a water ionizer, changes the chemical balance of your water supply to make it the healthiest water possible.

The term alkaline water refers to the water’s pH level and being above 7.5. The alkaline water process uses a water separation called electrolysis, where your water will be filtered into an alkaline stream.

This process will also add beneficial minerals like calcium, so you are gaining more from your water supply.

Most importantly, the alkaline water filter will make your water the healthiest and best water for your health.

Why do you need an alkaline water filter?

By increasing the water’s pH level 7.5 or above (most alkaline filters will increase pH levels to 8-9), you are providing your body with the best water possible. Water with a pH of 7 or below is not as healthy and does always have additional minerals added to it, like an alkaline filter. By making your water’s pH above 7.5, you are making the water “alkaline,” which can neutralize body acid.

There is evidence that alkaline water will be beneficial for people with high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and diabetes. Some studies have proven that people that consume water that has a high pH level will have increased oxygen delivery throughout the body. Alkaline water can also help with immune system support, weight loss, and healthier skin and nails.

What are the differences between alkaline water and regular water?

The main difference between alkaline water and regular water is the pH balance. Typically, the alkaline water will also have additional minerals that stay with the water throughout the ionizing process that can be beneficial to your health.

These minerals include calcium, sodium, and magnesium. Several questions arise when comparing alkaline water and untreated water. Below are the two most common.

Is alkaline water better than filtered water?

best chlorine water filter reviews

This question is more complicated than it sounds. In a perfect world, your alkaline water filter has built-in water filtering with the ionizer process, or you are running the water through the filter before it hits the alkaline filter. The absolute best water that you can have is a high-quality filter removing common tap water contaminants working concurrently with an alkaline water filter.

Be careful when reviewing alkaline water filters. Some filters are built into a standard water filter, and then there are alkaline filters that are separate, and you should have another water filter to work with it. It is more common for them to be built into the same system but not always. When it comes down to which is better, alkaline, or filtered water, the answer is both.

Is filtered water alkaline or acidic?

This is a very good question, and the answer will revolve around the pH balance of the water. The magic number for alkaline versus acidic water is 7. If the pH of the water is above 7, the water is considered alkaline. When it comes to drinking water, we do not refer to water as alkaline until it reaches 7.5 or higher.

Most of the alkaline filters on the market will increase your water’s pH level to at least 8. In short, water run through an alkaline filter will be classified as alkaline. Without the ionization process of the alkaline filter, even water that is run through a normal filter could still have a pH of 7 or below.

Water is considered acidic when the pH is 7 or below. Acidic water is said to have negative health benefits if ingested in massive quantities.

Acidity can encourage bacterial growth so you will want to do your best to limit the amount of acidic water you are ingesting. Acidic water can be used for several things, however. Washing dishes, cleaning, and cooking are all places where acidic water is OK.

🧾 How To Buy an Alkaline Water Filter. What To Look For.

how to buy an alkaline water filter


There are a few things you want to look for when it comes to the filters associated with an alkaline water filter. The first and most important thing is to make sure that there is a filtering process within your water ionizer. Some models simply attack the ionization process and do not have any other filtering capabilities. Not filtering the water can remove a lot of the benefits you stand to gain from ionizing your water supply.

Once you have determined the best route for you, you will want to check the filtering capacity of the filtering system that you are using. This could be using a separate filtering system from your ionizer or a combined built-in filtering process.

Based on the amount of water your entire household will use, you want to make sure that you are not constantly changing filters. They are not free and if you are buying filters with a low capacity, you will be buying more filters and spending more cash. Make sure you are accounting for everything you would need your filter for, especially if it is used separately from the alkaline ionizer.


One of the most important features of the alkaline ionization process is the material and number of plates that are used. If the filter you are purchasing is designed to be used with electricity, then you will have plates in your system. If your system does not use electricity, it will use multiple filtering levels and this section will not be relevant to you.

Plates are used during the electrolysis process where the plate is electrically charged and as water enters the system, the electrolysis being produced by the plates converts the tap water into alkaline water. When it comes to deciding on an electric water ionizer, there are a few things to consider.

Number of Plates

a unit with less than 5 plates. Most of them are now built with anywhere between 5-13 plates and the more plates you have, the more electrolysis the water will undertake, and other benefits you will obtain from the plates.

You will notice that the water flow will be less with fewer plates and you will also have a higher pH level with more plates, which means the water will have more alkaline characteristics. I typically suggest that people do not purchase an ionizer with less than 9 plates. This is a solid number that still handles flow rate and electrolysis well enough to garner the benefits of alkaline water.

If you have the means, 11 and 13 plate models are the absolute best quality and will give you the best performance from your alkaline water filter. You will see that there are models available with 15 plates, but we have found that these are usually used in industrial settings and are too big to use in the home.

Material of Plates

Alkaline water filters have been around for a long time. The material used during the electrolysis process has evolved over time and we believe we are at a point where we can finally tell you the best material for plates. You want to purchase an ionizer with plates constructed from titanium and platinum. Ensure that these are the only two materials that you should be looking for. If you see the word, “alloy,” you need to run away.

Pure platinum and titanium plates have been proven to be the best combination for electrolysis over time. The titanium will usually be the outer layer. It is there because it will be the best option to resist water erosion and it is an ultra-strong material that will last many years. The reason that platinum is the best option is that it is proven to be the best metal at speeding up electrolysis. Thousands of different metal compounds have been tested and these are widely regarded as the best possible combination.

Surface Area of Plates

In addition to the material and number of plates, you also want to look at the size of the plates. Smaller plates will produce less electrolysis within the water supply, and you will notice that the pH levels and ORP levels will not be where you need them to be.

Larger plates can conduct more electricity and therefore expand the ionizer’s ability to add alkaline elements to your water. Make sure you are not buying a model that boasts that it has 13 plates, but they are all super small. Ensure that the surface area of your plates is large enough and that you are getting everything possible out of your alkaline water filter.

✔️ PH and ORP Levels

We have discussed numerous things related to pH levels throughout this buying guide, but we will hit the important pieces again. pH refers to the water’s alkaline or acidic properties. If a pH level is below 7, then it is known to be acidic and is not as healthy as water with a pH level of about 7, which is referred to as alkaline water. The higher the pH the more alkaline the water is.

ORP stands for Oxygen-Reduction Potential. To make this as simple as possible, I will start by saying when looking at ORP levels, you want the number to be negative. The lower the ORP level, the more electrons the water will have free to combat the contaminants within your body.

Most systems will have the ability to customize your ORP levels, depending on how you want to use your ionizer at that moment. You can usually set the ORP level to between +600 and -600 on many ionizers.

For cooking, cleaning, and washing veggies, a positive ORP is not a big deal. When you are drinking water, you want the ORP to be in the negatives. This is because when you consume the water, the electrons within the water are available to do their jobs and give you the healthy benefits of alkaline water. ORP is measured in millivolts (mV) and you can test this by using an ORP meter.

Flow Rate

Most water filtrations systems, including alkaline systems, will reduce the flow rate of your water by at least a little bit. It makes sense because the water is running through several fine grain filters that are removing every contaminant it can find. Flow rates will vary from system to system, and it mostly depends on how fast the ionizing process takes within the electrolysis. The more plates and larger the surface area of the plates, the faster your water will be delivered.

Keep in mind, many of the models that we reviewed had multiple settings that you could choose from on the alkaline filter. If you choose to forego ionizing, then the water will be delivered quickly from the filtration system. Flow rates are extremely important to me, and I always look for a flow rate of at least 0.5 Gallons-Per-Minutes (GPM.)


Cleaning your alkaline filter will depend entirely on the system you buy. If you buy an under-sink water filter that has all the filtering and alkaline properties built into one system (non-electric,) then you will have a little more work to do with the cleaning. Filters will need to be flushed with cold water and shaken up to loosen the filtering particles.

If you decide that an electric ionizer is the best option for you, then there are a few notes to remember when it comes to cleaning them. If it has a built-in carbon or sediment filter, cleaning that will be separate from the cleaning of the ionizer. You will still need to back-flush pure water filters, as necessary. But when it comes to cleaning the ionizer and the alkaline system, you will have a much easier time.

Almost all the electronic ionizer systems now are self-cleaning models. And on top of that, most systems have a scheduled cleaning time, usually after each use. It uses reverse-polarity to wash the plates and ensure there are no leftover contaminants from the alkaline infusing process.


You will want to consider the installation difficulty when it comes to selecting your perfect alkaline water filter. There are two situations we will discuss here.

If you are looking for alkaline water filtering that is combined with an under-sink filtering system, you will need to install the full system. This entails connecting your current cold-water sink line to the filtering system so that you can use the water line that installs. Almost all these systems are simple enough to be installed by the homeowner, and many come with great instructions on video support to make it simple.

If you are looking for a higher-end ionizer, one that will most likely end up on your countertop, then the installation is a little bit different. These systems will require power and connection to the waterline. A lot of homeowners will be able to handle this on their own. But we do suggest ensuring that the alkaline filter you are going to purchase works for your space. Nearby power supply and access to connect it to the waterline.


Like any consumer product, the warranty is extremely important. Accidents and issues will always occur during production, and it may end up being you who gets the only bad device from the manufacturer. Fear not, within the water ionizing world, warranties tend to be great.

You can find them up to 5 years, and many will go longer; some are even lifetime warranties. This is important to me when dealing with electric filtering, as things with more wiring can be damaged in shipment or anywhere along the manufacturing process.

If you are going with a higher-end alkaline system that has a few plates, remember to ensure that you can get replacement parts for the manufacturer in case any plates or specific parts are damaged over time.

🤔 Countertop Alkaline Filter Units vs. Under Counter Alkaline Units

When it comes to deciding on the style of alkaline water filter, there are some things to consider. There are pros and cons for each type, and you will need to decide which you prefer.
Countertop units are more popular when it comes to higher-end water ionizers.

They will connect to a power supply and water line, and you will have access to your alkaline water from the unit directly. The best part about the countertop units is that you will have access to adjust settings like pH levels and ORP without the need to crawl under your kitchen sink. A lot of them do have a sharp look to them and are ultra-modern, but some folks do not like losing the countertop space and prefer something hidden.

There are a few types of under-counter or under-sink units. Systems that combine standard filtration and alkaline filtering are very popular because they combine the water purification qualities of a filtration system and have a level where the alkaline properties are added to the water. They are hidden below the sink and out of sight. Because there is only one static level of alkaline properties within this style, you will not have as much customization over your alkaline water output.

There are some alkaline, electrical filters that are meant to be placed under the counter, and some even use their dedicated tap system. These are very high-end and can be expensive, but their water testing results speak for themselves. Remember, if an electrical unit is under the counter or sink, you will need to get down there to make any adjustments.


Are alkaline water filters safe?

This is a very common question, and the answer is yes, for most people at least. Science has proven over time that the benefits of alkaline water can have positive impacts on the human body.

What are the dangers of drinking alkaline water?

In some cases, consuming far too much alkaline water can agitate your body’s normal pH levels, which may lead to nausea.

Do alkaline filters remove fluoride?

This is a common, but somewhat complicated question. The actual ionizing alkaline process does not remove anything. It is the filters that are combined with this process that do the work removing contaminants and toxins from the water. Check and see the filtering capabilities of your system to get an exact answer on fluoride. Many on the market will combine alkaline capability and fluoride removal.

How often do I have to change the alkaline filters?

The filters that come with the alkaline system will be changed depending on that specific filter’s longevity. They will range from 100 gallons up to 500, investigate how long the filters will last to avoid having to purchase them often.


At the end of the day, an alkaline water filter will have amazing benefits for you and your family. The customization is endless, with many alkaline models, and the health benefits are something we can not overlook. We understand that finding the best alkaline water filter can be a daunting task, and there is so much information out there, it can all be confusing.

By considering everything we have included in our buying guide, we are confident that you will choose the best alkaline water filter for your situation.

We sincerely thank you for tuning into our article and are hopeful that we helped you further understand the benefits and advantages you can obtain from an alkaline water filter.

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