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  1. Max Jones says:

    Thanks for the info about water softening. I am having water problems right now. I’ll consider getting water softening for my home.

  2. Hello! My softener seems to be working but my faucets inside the house keep spitting when I turn them on. Any ideas on what to do?

  3. davishomeservices says:

    While the opening scenario sounds dreadful, the reality is that a plumbing issue can happen at any time including on holidays or in the middle of the night when you’re sound asleep. This is why emergency plumbing is life saver!

  4. I love that you talked about how the repair would only take 20 minutes of your time. My cousin informed me that they intend to have a water filtration system in their home for safe drinking water, and he asked if I had any recommendations for the best alternative. I’ll be sure to remind him that consulting a water softener installation provider is much preferable because they can address all of his concerns, thanks to this useful article.

  5. Michael Cooper says:

    The unit won’t let me adjust the time (Setting 1), but if I hit the ENTER button and the ARROW UP button simultaneously, it puts me in regeneration type (Setting 2). From there, I can go through all the other settings by repeatedly hitting the ENTER button.

  6. Cyrus Juliet says:

    Your everyday schedule can be disrupted by any water softener issue. Therefore, having water hardness test kits available is always useful.

  7. Iris Smith says:

    Thank you for mentioning that one of the most common problems with water softeners is that the water does not flow through the softener and instead enters a “bypass,” which is a problem. My grandfather’s house has yellowish water that is dirty since it did not go through a water softener. I’ll make the call to the expert to solve the issue and install a new water softener at my grandfather’s property.

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