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  1. Hello, Andrew,

    I really appreciate your article on Brita filters!

    Since you are a plumber, I imagine that you will know the answer to this water quality question.

    I live in an apartment that has very old cast iron plumbing (circa approx 1930). It’s the original plumbing and I know that cast iron rusts from the inside out. The out-take plumbing (sewer) lines were just descaled because of a build up of rust and clogged lines.

    My question for you is this: how much do I need to worry about rust particles being in my drinking water? My drinking water is clear but I am a little freaked about whether I may be drinking rust particles from the old cast iron pipes.

    What is your opinion on this? If you were in my situation, would you feel comfortable drinking the water using a Brita filter? I know Brita filters may not remove all of the rust particles.

    Thank you in advance for your reply and insights! I have tried to look up online what filtration systems will remove microscopic rust particles from drinking water but I am not finding the information.


    1. Andrew Miles says:

      Hi Jeanne, thanks for writing in. Rust is a visible particle that needs to be mechanically strained out, so really it’s classified as a sediment. So a sediment filter would be better used for removing rust from drinking water. Go with one with a washable filter as they are expensive without a washable one. Using something like this will give you good results and rust-free water for peace of mind 🙂

      1. Andrew, thank you so much for replying and the information!
        I just have one more question…
        If my water appears completely clear to me and I don’t see any rust particles, can I then assume that there are no rust particles in my water? It sounds like what you are saying is that rust would not be microscopic?
        Thank you again as you are giving me a lot of peace of mind with the info you are providing!
        I’d like to stop buying bottled water and stop putting a lot of plastic jugs in the landfill!

      1. Thank you so much for all of the info, I appreciate it!

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