how to pick a shower head

If you’re thinking about getting a shower head… YOU’RE IN THE RIGHT PLACE!

Taking a shower with a single spout delivers a stream of water that you can BARELY CONTROL. Even worse, it’s barely thick enough to cover your body – making it harder to wash well.

Your bathing experience is never pleasant without a shower head.

Once you get one, however, IT ALL CHANGES.

There is no need to stress out weak shower streams that hit your body with little power, thin coverage that doesn’t clean any dirt from your body, and worse. You can fix all of these things with a showerhead.

And that’s not everything it offers… Check below to learn more!

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Benefits of Using a Shower Head

Want your bathroom to feel complete? Get a showerhead for the bath. There’s no better way to make your showers pleasant.

Here are a few reasons to consider:

  • Full body Clean – Some showerheads release thick streams of water that won’t leave an annoying stream on just ONE AREA of your body. This makes it easier to wash entirely.
  • Relaxing Showering – They produce strong streams of water that can feel SOOTHING on the skin when you need a relaxing shower. You’ll be able to clean and relax easily.
  • Personalized Bathing – You don’t have to stick with a solid or soft shower stream that doesn’t meet your body needs. Most showerheads offer at least two spray/stream modes so you can wash anyway.

So, do you feel like a shower head is a bathroom device worth having? We hope so!

Type of Shower Head

Depending on the shower head you pick, the experience will vary. Here are some types to consider:

Handheld Showerhead

handheld showerheads

As the name says – you hold it in your hand, and it detaches from the spout.

If we had to pick one type of shower head to use for the rest of our lives, this one would be it. There’s no competitor.

The handiness, ease of use, and flexibility these showerheads offer are unbeatable. And that’s without mentioning you can combine one of these with other types – making them EVEN BETTER.

PLUS: Handheld showerheads can be INCREDIBLY CHEAP. While some may cost an eye of the face, they’re often affordable, so you get twice the benefits.

High-Pressure Showerhead

high-pressure showerheads

Tired of trickling water barely cleaning your body? Then go for a high-pressure model.

These shower heads clean the dirtiness off your body as no other type can. And if you’re not looking for better washing power, you can also use them for relaxation: high-pressure showerheads typically come with massaging modes.

EXTRA FACT: High-pressure showerheads will save you an incredible amount of effort and time while bathing, something not many showerheads will.

Water-Saving Showerhead

water saving showerheads

Don’t want to waste a single drop of water while bathing? Get yourself a water-saving model.

Also known as low-pressure showerheads, these are gentler and have a lower flow rate, a combination that doesn’t let you waste any water or make a mess in the shower.

Most water-saving models reduce pressure by over 50%. This could be problematic for some but may actually help save the world in the long term – especially if you live in a place with a limited water supply.

MOREOVER: You will have exponential savings in water bills at the end of the month (you won’t have to worry about limits either).

Filter Showerhead

shower filter

Is the tap water arriving at your home dirty and contaminated? Don’t fret! Use a showerhead filter, then.

These spouts come with a built-in filter that removes most contaminants in the water (sediments, chlorine, and some pathogens). Depending on the model you pick, you may even get high-end filtration for filthy water.

BENEFITS: You won’t have to worry about itchy skin, infections, or even diseases – these showerheads clean up your water well enough.

Rainfall Shower Head

rainfall showerhead

Like to relax and enjoy your showers? Nothing will make that possible like a rainfall showerhead.

They spray water slowly, resembling rain. The soft-falling droplets tend to be relaxing and provide exceptional body coverage – ideal for those who want both advantages.

What’s even better, they look GORGEOUS. A rainfall showerhead is also a sign of a great sense of style.

WHAT’S MORE: They stand farther from the wall than other types of showerheads, so you can stand more comfortably inside the shower.

Mist Showerhead  

Want to take your showering experience to a whole new level? A mist showerhead won’t let you down.

These fantastic showerheads don’t spray or stream water – they create a MIST!

You read that right. These showerheads are designed to go deeper into the skin and clean more profoundly. If you don’t want

ANOTHER BENEFIT: Mist showerheads help with moisturization as the steam gets deeper and increases humidity in the skin.

What ae the Best Shower Head Brands?

Best Showerhead brands

While we would LOVE to pick only one brand to go for, we can’t. We have three options that stand out:

Delta Shower

You may find Delta in a broad price range. Some showerheads from this brand are unbelievably cheap, while others are among the most expensive in the market.

Regardless, this brand never disappoints, given the performance, looks, and overall quality. You can expect Delta showers to last a lifetime while making your bathroom cuter and your showering experience a lot more pleasant.


Known as a mid-range brand, Kohler gets your showering experience to a whole new level with multi-functional showerheads.

It stands out for the broadest array of products, offering all kinds of types and functions that anyone can enjoy. If you’re looking to try something new or exciting – Kohler is the brand to go for.


We wouldn’t give Moen less than 5 out of 5 stars – and for a reason!

This brand has been delivering next-level products at every level, from the low-end to the high-end showerheads. You get a limited lifetime warranty and an unbeatable shower quality that gets the job done in every way.

How to Pick the Best Shower Head For You?

How to Pick the Best Shower Head For You?

It doesn’t matter what brand you pick if you don’t know how to choose the right one.

Here are some factors that may help you with that:

Water Pressure

Never choose a showerhead without making sure it offers AT LEAST 1.6 gallons per minute (or 2 GPM if you want an average pressure). If you want high-pressure models, go for nothing less than 3 GPM.

Shower Head Material

Don’t pick a showerhead that could break easily if you want it to last a lifetime. Plastic models tend to be less durable than metal, for example, so be careful.

Spray Modes

Do you like to enjoy different types of streams and sprays? Then a showerhead with at least 2 different modes would be the best choice. Some models offer up to 5 modes at once (plus a stop water flow function), making them undoubtedly practical.

Finish Quality

Need to make your bathroom cuter? Go for a beautiful finish. The most popular ones include Stainless, Bronze, Chrome, and Polished. But there’s also Oil-Rubbed, Brushed Nickel, and Brass.

Get Your Own Showerhead TODAY!

So, what are you waiting for? Don’t ever take a bath without using a quality showerhead first.

These devices make it all much better without a doubt. And with the right one, you can even save water, time, and a lot of effort.

So, what are you waiting for? The perfect showerhead is waiting for YOU!