New Product Tester and Developer 

  • Expertise: 10+ years of experience in ODM/OEM water filtration and purification systems 
  • Education: Fresno, California State University.


  • Patricia Miller is a housewares and appliance tester with over 10 years of experience in the water filtration and purification industry.
  • Patricia earned her MSc in Water Resources Management from California State University, Fresno. 
  • Patricia has tested and reported on new products for various publications, including HomeLife and Chicago Sun-Times.


Patricia Miller is an Arizona-based housewares and appliance tester with a background in new product development. She understands product functionality and has a keen interest in easy-to-use yet technologically innovative designs.

As an avid product tester who loves to use and report on new household products, Patricia focused particularly on domestic water filtration and purification systems, from water pitchers and under-sink filters to whole-house water purifiers. Her reports and reviews appeared in numerous popular publications.


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