Best Waterpik Shower Head

There are so many options when it comes to deciding on a new shower head. Some brands and models are made of cheap materials and will break down or clog up in a matter of months. Then there’s Waterpik, a company specifically dedicated to creating only a world-class, leading brand of showerheads.

Best Waterpik Shower Head

This level of dedication, which has led to the company’s growth for over forty years, speaks for itself on the quality of its product and constant renovation.

Of course, such statements sound too good to be true without proof. However, if you just take a look at the number of satisfied Waterpik customers and, more importantly, try one yourself, you’ll for sure, be convinced by the genuine craftsmanship in each Waterpik product.

That’s why we’re not necessarily going to talk about which one is the best. Our Waterpik shower head review will instead zone in on which model is best for you, your home, and all your showering needs.

Best Waterpik Shower Head Comparisons

Waterpik Shower Head With Flexible Neck

  • OptiFlow technology and anti-clogging nozzles for maximum performance and cleanliness
  • Perfect-height shower head for relaxation
  • PowerSpray mode lets out a quick, heavy burst of water.

Waterpik RPB-173 2.5 GPM Rainfall + Shower Head

  • Designed to boost your original water flow with a rate of 2.5 GPM
  • Chrome enameled for enhancing appearance and durability
  • 6-inch showerhead face for complete and powerful full-body coverage

Waterpik High-Pressure Shower Head Handheld Spray

  • High-pressure 2.5 GPM flow and dual shower heads offer 12 spray settings.
  • This shower head installs in minutes on any standard shower arm.
  • PowerPulse Massage is clinically shown to help soothe muscle tension.

What Is The Best Waterpik Shower Head?

Deciding which is the best is up to the user. I’ve tested the Top 10 Waterpik models on the market today. These top-quality models of Waterpik elite shower heads will give you immense satisfaction each and every time you take a shower.

1. WaterPik Adjustable Height Magnetic Slide Bar Shower Head

WaterPik Adjustable

The Waterpik adjustable shower head with a magnetic slide bar comes with all you need to have a perfect shower regardless of your height or size. It also lets you have a comfortable shower whether you’re standing or seated.

It’s also the best shower head for anyone who enjoys having various modes for a revitalizing experience with each shower. Rust-proof, elegant, and ergonomically designed, the VSS-563MT is the solution you need for that spa-like full-body clean.

Height Adjustable
This unique Waterpik model comes with an ultra-flexible 5-foot metal hose but can be adjusted to reach a perfect level for you.

Move it as high or low as you want with the sliding magnetic bracket that goes up and down the slide bar in a smooth, easy-to-control motion.

The shower head then stays securely in place with the bracket. A must-have for families with people of different heights.

Simple Installation
This is one of the easiest DIY installation models you will ever come across. It requires no drills, no screws, and no tools to stay in place.

All you have to do is attach the adhesive tape to the wall, then place the 18” slide strip firmly against the surface. The system stays put for years to come.

Durable Materials
The magnetic bracket comes with a stainless steel slide strip, which lasts for a very long time. The shower head is plated in chrome with a premium metal hose.

The nozzles are also made of super-flexible rubber which resists buildup and is easy to clean.

You won’t have to worry about corrosion or buildup ruining your amazing shower head and slide bar.

Why We Love It

A high-quality shower head that’s super easy to install and maintain. Its height is also adjustable, making it the perfect fit for users of all heights.

Keep In Mind

This is one of the more expensive models from the Waterpik line, but it’s still very affordable compared to the standard shower head. It also works much better.

2. Waterpik RPB-173 2.5 GPM Rainfall + Shower Head

Waterpik RPB-173 2.5 GPM Rainfall

With the Waterpik RPB-173, be prepared for a satisfying experience every time you take a shower. The rainfall set soothes your aching muscles while providing relief from the day’s stress.

Experience enhanced water flow and full-body coverage, which will take your shower to a whole new level.

OptiFlow Technology
The OptiFlow technology ensures that only the best standard shower heads are sold. Each part of the WaterPik shower head is designed to yield maximum water force and flow for the ultimate shower experience.

After completion, the shower head goes through various steps of testing to make sure it maintains a strong flow even at low pressure, covers enough distance, and delivers a powerful level of force.

Elegant Chrome Finish
This beautiful shower head system comes with a 9-inch designer arm that extends to function as an overhead or angle-positioned shower, depending on your preference.

The entire model is coated in a beautiful chrome finish that just adds to the spectacular design. The single rainfall mode is also very soothing.

Why We Love It

Oversized head with a sleek chrome finish and reliable flow. The price is also very reasonable for what it’s worth.

Keep In Mind

It only has a single spray setting (rainfall), which is fine if you don’t need multiple settings. Many mention how great they feel just with the default setting.

3. WaterPik PowerSpray+ SM-623CG Original Massage Shower Head

WaterPik PowerSpray+

This amazing shower head is super affordable while giving you the option of six settings to choose from, so you can find your perfect one based on your needs and even mood.

The OptiFlow technology is always what makes a WaterPik model stand out, and the SM-623CG is one shining example. With 2.5 GPM flow and a shiny chrome finish, this will at least be one of your favorite shower heads ever.

Versatile Settings
With as many as six settings to choose from, you won’t be stuck with the same mode each time you shower.

Whether you want an energizing massage after a long day, with the powerful pulsating massage or a relaxing, gentle caress with the slow massage, this model comes with everything you need (and want).

OptiFlow Technology
The OptiFlow technology transforms even a low-pressure shower with an old pipe into quite a powerful one.

You’ll be able to enjoy full coverage and high flow rates even if you have low water pressure through your pipes. You can’t get this feature with just about any other water filter in the market.

Original Model
This is the original WaterPik model that made the company so famous. While it has branched out and added deluxe additional features on more recent models, the original has all you need for a delightful shower experience unlike any other.

Why We Love It

It comes with the patented and famous OptiFlow technology as well as six whole spray modes so you can customize your experience as you please.

Keep In Mind

There wasn’t as much flexibility to move the shower head around since it’s a fixed model. Still very convenient and enjoyable to use.

4. Waterpik Handheld Spray High-Pressure Shower Head

Waterpik Handheld Spray

This is one of the models that get closest to WaterPik ‘perfection’ as possible. Featuring five advanced massage settings that are twice as powerful as the leading market brand, a full-sized 5” diameter head, and OptiFlow technology, there’s not a thing to be missed.

Anti-clog nozzles, the EasySelect feature, and twist-on installation make both preparation and usage a breeze.

Dynamic Massage Settings
This shower head is expertly engineered to deliver the most impressive massage features you can ever expect from a shower head.

It’s tested and proven to be twice as powerful as the leading brand of shower heads to relieve your aching muscles and joints.

It even comes with a mist setting for a pleasantly light, uplifting shower and water-saving trickle when you don’t need as much water.

Complete Coverage
With a large 5” diameter head, you won’t have to worry about moving around in your shower in order to have full coverage.

Enjoy the most refreshing sensations that surround you for a total clean. OptiFlow technology makes your water flow at a rate of 2.5 GPM even with lower water pressures.

‘No-Sweat’ Setting Changes
Water flows from this shower head unrestrained and easily controlled by using the EasySelect easy turn spray dial.

The dial is located right on the handheld shower handle, so you won’t have to reach the shower head to change the settings anymore. What’s not to like about such great convenience?

Why We Love It

Compelling message settings with a selection to choose from. OptiFlow makes the ideal shower experience ready for you from the moment of installation.

Keep In Mind

We couldn’t find a single thing to dislike about the model, although, of course, it’s not made with 100% stainless steel in and out (nor are most shower heads).

5. Waterpik NSC-659T PowerSpray+ Hand Held Shower Head

Waterpik NSC-659T

The NSC-659E shower head is a unique spin to the typical chrome-covered shower head. It’s instead coated with brushed nickel to give it a beautiful, darker metallic shine.

The model also has all the features that make WaterPik so great, including pressure-enhancing Opti-Flow technology.

Refined Style
This ultra-stylish brushed nickel shower head features both rustic, old-world appeal with its dusky metallic shade with modern smooth lines and distinct face patterns.

This makes it the perfect fit for any bathroom, where it will function both as a brilliant shower head and decor.

Invigorating Shower Modes
A WaterPik shower head with six master-designed settings is one of the grandest pleasures to enjoy.

Engineered to deliver an amazing showering experience with each drop, the WaterPik brand, which includes this model, will most likely be even better than the one you enjoyed during your most recent visit to the spa.

Pressure Boosting
While this model is smaller than the rest, the same OptiFlow technology works to deliver a high flow rate that is ideal for a small bathtub.

If you don’t want your water pressure to be quite high (2.5GPM is too much for some), then this is actually the best model for you.

Why We Love It

Durable and unique brushed nickel finish and all the features that make the WaterPik line and brand so great. Easy to clean and use for optimal showering enjoyment.

Keep In Mind

The size and diameter of the head are somewhat too small. The pressure is also lower than the other models.

6. WaterPik Chrome HairWand Spa System

WaterPik Chrome Hair

The Chrome HairWand and Shower Head Spa System is everything you need to turn your home into a fabulous salon or even to upgrade an actual salon.

It is designed to be a superior model for hair care. It has all the advantages of a regular WaterPik shower head system including massage settings that are twice as powerful as regular massage shower heads.

Care for Your Hair
This is the shower headset for your body and your hair. With the WaterPik HairWand, you can finally reach the roots, stimulating and enhancing the health of your scalp.

The PowerComb stream is also effective in obliterating shampoo and other residues from hair.

See for yourself why as many as 94% of users report that they enjoy scalp stimulation and massage while using this model and 82% experience tangle-free hair.

Stylish Design
The chrome-coated body shower and hair wand are extremely stylish with a shiny metallic coating, circular medallion design, and neat rows of jets on the wand. It makes an aesthetic addition anywhere it is installed.

Ultimate Convenience
This product’s superior convenience is clearly seen in its ability to address both the hair and skin in a way no other shower head can.

You’ll experience improvements not only in the quality of your shower but also in the condition of your hair and skin afterward.

Why We Love It

It comes with an entire dozen of different spray settings and combinations and is a perfect tool to use at a salon or at home for hair and body care.

Keep In Mind

A slightly lower rate than most WaterPik shower hoses (1.8 vs. 2.5 GPM) but that’s what you want for your hair.

7. WaterPik Power Spray SM-3UC Original Massage ShowerHead

WaterPik Power Spray

Striking White Finish
There aren’t many shower heads that are white or colored, but the designers at WaterPik want you to have as many style options as possible.

Where a metallic shower head might seem too conspicuous, a white finish matches superbly.

This model is best for those who don’t have metallic accents or decor in their bathroom and adds a distinct, modern flair to your bathtub.

Good Flow, Small Head
While the shower head and diameter size might be smaller than some other models (3.25”), the flow rate is definitely not.

This product is specifically designed to deliver 2.5 GPM while conserving space for smaller bathtubs. It’s the best for people with narrower bathtubs as it covers a certain distance despite being inches smaller.

Multiple Settings
Enjoy a full range of full-body, full-body, and massage, power spray, pulsating massage, and slow massage.

While it has no pause function, the slow massage turned on low can function pretty much the same way, helping conserve water when needed.

Why We Love It

It has all of the unique WaterPik features in a newly designed white-colored shower head with a white vinyl hose—a very stylish pick.

Keep In Mind

It doesn’t last as long as the shower heads are coated with stainless steel or another metallic sheen.

8. WaterPik High-Pressure Flexible Neck Shower Head

WaterPik High-Pressure Flexible

The Chrome PowerSpray FlexNeck™ Shower Head is one of the exclusive features the WaterPik designers came up with following their original models.

The 18” neck allows the user to position the shower head in any height and direction. Super easy and fun to use. It’s as easy to install as the typical models as well.

Incomparable Flexibility
The FlexNeck technology is more than just a flexible hose that can be moved here and there, within a limited range.

It instead allows you to adjust the direction, position, and angle of a full 360-degree circle. It is one of the only shower head models that can be at the right height for not only you but everyone in your family.

Mighty Flow
You may think that such a long hose may impact the flow of water in some way.

However, the long hose never kinks, and the flow is as strong as ever, thanks to the OptiFlow technology that comes with every WaterPik model.

Enjoy an impactful shower, even if your original pressure is low.

Convenience at Its Best
With six different modes to choose from, easy to clean nozzles, and of course, the ultra-flexible hose, this model will save you lots of time and money.

You’ll be looking forward to your shower every day after you install this durable and dependable model.

Why We Love It

This is virtually the most flexible shower head ‘on the planet,’ which can be moved any position vertically and horizontally to accommodate just about anyone. It also comes with six spray settings and everything that makes WaterPik great.

Keep In Mind

Some people may say that the extra-long neck doesn’t look too attractive, and there is no way to push it back or change the hose if you no longer want a FlexNeck.

9. Chrome EcoFlow Handheld Shower Head (Eco-563)

Chrome EcoFlow

The Eco-Flow shower head is a fascinating choice that helps you to save a ton on your water bill while also granting you the ability to enjoy a spa-like shower.

It’s superbly designed to reduce shower water consumption while Water-Saving Volume control as makes sure you have the option of using even less water while still functioning optimally.

This shower head is the best for its price, and for the money, it will save you well into the future.

EcoFlow Water Conservation
Well-crafted to use less water and require less pressure than virtually any other shower head sold without skimping on the shower’s quality.

With a 1.6GPM rate, you’re still enjoying a calm and soothing shower but for much less money. You’re also saving water, which means less water treatment required overall, which is better for the planet.

Pleasant Massage Settings
Water conservation doesn’t have to be lacking in anything, and here, the model comes with five whole settings.

These settings include circular massage, circular massage, and mist to full body, misting spray, and power spray. They are proven to relieve tension and stress and will put a smile of satisfaction on your face.

Water Volume Control
You can further control how much water you want to use at any given moment with the water volume controller located on the handle.

Whether you want the full capacity or just a trickle, all you need to do is twist the dial located on the bottom of the handle and watch the shower head obey your command.

Why We Love It

The EcoFlow feature definitely delivers a quality shower while saving on the water bill. You’ll feel as if you’ve showered using much more water with standard brands.

Keep In Mind

Somewhat lower GPM than the other models, understandably. It is best for those who want or need to save water. No option for increasing flow.

10. WaterPik Shower Head With Flexible Neck (CF-201)

WaterPik Shower Head

For those who don’t have room to fit an entire 18” hose with a shower head over their bathtub, this appears to be the best choice.

The hose included with this model works just as well but is six inches shorter.

The other features also add to this model’s appeal, and while there are mixed opinions about the appearance, most users love both its function and style.

Shorter FlexNeck Hose
WaterPik has come up with an answer to consumers requesting the FlexNeck shower head model with a shorter or narrower hose. At 12” long, the hose still can be arranged in any direction, position, and angle for the ultimate convenience.

Dual Function
Whether you want to use your special, perfect-height shower head for relaxation after a long day or for a quick, concentrated rinse, this model has you covered.

The drenching rainfall mode works to give a constant, moderate flow while the PowerSpray mode lets out a quick, heavy burst of water.

Oversized Shower Head
The white mushroom top shower head is almost 8” wide in diameter, allowing you to be surrounded by streams of water the moment you enter your shower and turn on the shower faucet.

The white coating also adds a beautiful modern appearance to your bathroom or anywhere else it may be installed.

Why We Love It

Shorter than the previously mentioned FlexNeck model but still capable of the same function. It works wonderfully with OptiFlow technology and comes with an oversized shower head to have you drenched.

Keep In Mind

The appearance is ok. There are only two settings. More is not necessary but can be a plus.

Waterpik Shower Head Ultimate Buying Guide

So now you’ve seen just about everything that makes the WaterPik line and brand of shower heads so amazing. You’ve learned about the excellent WaterPik power spray plus reviews to back it up.

Waterpik Shower Head

Compared to those of other brands, WaterPik products have the ability to increase water flow, delivering maximum force and flow without any effort on your part.

It also lasts longer than most other brands, as it is designed by a company with a legacy of selling only shower heads (recently expanding into dental and oral health products).

Do you know what else makes a great WaterPik shower head? Features such as adjustable height, massage settings, GPM (gallons per minute) rate, and shower head diameter must also be considered. Once you know what your ideal is, you’ll know what to look for.

Adjustable Height

There are many ways to adjust the height of a shower head, one of which we showed you was the use of a slide bar.

A slide bar allows you to slide the shower head up and down per your height requirements. It also lets you secure your position of choice once you reach it.

Another way to adjust is with the hose’s length, which is most often 5’, 6’, or 8’. With these features, you’ll be able to make the most out of your shower head and so will each member of your family.

Number Of Massage Settings (Modes)

Many users are often excited about having multiple settings on their shower head since they like to tailor the settings according to their mood and needs.

A shower head that gives you the liberty to do this is worth your investment. Some other models have only one or two settings but work very well.

These models are often worthless money or have other special features that enhance the quality of the product. It’s an important choice to decide upon, before buying your water filter.

OptiFlow Technology

The OptiFlow technology is really one of a kind, designed to make the best showers happen even with low water pressure pipes.

The secret is in raising the water’s water’s low and force coming out so that it feels like the perfect pressure on your skin and muscles.

GPM Rate 2.5 Vs. Lower

A GPM rate of 2.5 is optimal and most of the WaterPik shower heads will produce water at this rate. However, some smaller models will have a slightly lower rate, which indicates slower water flow.

Some actually prefer this, however, since the GPM of 2.5 can be too high for them. As you will see, a difference of even 0.5 GPM can be quite huge, so you have to determine what you want before buying a model.

Nickel, Chrome, And White Finish

Whether you have a chrome or other metallic finish won’t really affect the shower head’s durability or function.

On the other hand, the color of these metals is different, so it is best to check and see which matches your bathroom the best.

The white finish and covering are less durable by some users, so you have to watch out for these things, which are often overlooked.

Size/Diameter Of Shower Head

One size does not fit all, which is why many WaterPik shower heads do come in different sizes.

A regular-sized shower head is around 5”, with ones often being called ‘oversized.’ The ones that are below 5” are quite smaller than average, but they can also be the most well-fitting for bathtubs that are very small and narrow.

The best shower head for you does really depends on your preferences and where you shower.

Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is the energy-saving pause mode on a Waterpik Showerhead?

The energy-saving pause mode leaves your water running at a trickle while you trim your hair, groom your dog, or perform some other tasks.
When you’re ready to turn it back on, the shower head immediately reverts to the previous setting and maintains the temperature. It is actually a key feature of many shower head models, saving both money and time.

What is the difference between water flow and pressure?

Whereas water flow is the amount of moving water measured in gallons per minute, the pressure is water per unit area.
One is measured according to speed and rate while the other is simply how much water is pushed through the water pipe. Both are important for a top-quality showering experience.


We enjoyed sharing all the information we knew about our top WaterPik elite shower head ‘collection.’ We hope you also enjoyed reading this article with some important takeaways.

Let’s reiterate why the VSS-563MT model is the absolute best. While it isn’t the only one that can be easily height-adjusted, it certainly is among the most aesthetically appealing.

There are also five unique spray modes, a magnetic bracket, and stick-on installation proven and confirmed for the last several years.

For best value, the RPB-173 rainfall has all the features WaterPik shower heads are known for as well as an easy twist-on installation that fits onto your old shower pipe.

Of course, these aren’t the only ones. Each model we’ve mentioned on our list can easily be a superb addition to your tub or faucet.