best water cooler dispensers for the office and home
Written By: Andrew Miles
Written By: Andrew Miles

30-year licensed plumber out of NYC. Specializing in Water Filteration and Softening Systems. Now, retired and enjoy sharing my industry knowledge here. See my bio.

Having a high-quality and efficient water dispenser can benefit you in a variety of ways. Maybe you live or work in an area with poor water quality and need access to filtered water, or you simply want to have piping hot or ice-cold water at your fingertips at any moment.

Best Water Dispenser

No matter the reasoning for needing a water cooler dispenser in your home, gym, office, or other location, it is paramount to find the best water dispenser to fit your needs. In this article, I provide a comprehensive buying guide and a breakdown of some of the best quality water dispensers on the market that I have used myself. (As you can guess I drink plenty of water)

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Best Water Dispenser Reviews

1. Costway 2-In-1 Best Water Cooler Dispenser


This water dispenser has great features, including an icebox and three different water temperatures. It uses a jug, which can be purchased and recycled at nearly every grocery store and even hardware stores across the United States. The water is pre-filtered and is a great option for individuals or families whose drinking water does not taste good or is unsafe to drink.

The hot water button on the dispenser has a child safety lock, so you do not have to be worried about your kids accidentally burning themselves when trying to get water. A control panel utilizes energy-efficient LED lights to provide status updates on the dispenser and water.

This water dispenser balances functionality and modern design. Some water coolers can be quite bulky and take up a lot of space, but Costway really hit the jackpot with this water dispenser’s design. It gets the job done and looks good too!

The only downside to the dispenser is if you want to keep the ice cubes frozen, the system needs to cycle constantly. If you do not use a lot of ice or don’t want to waste water on ice, it can be frustrating to find a good balance.

Why We Love It

Water coolers often seem bulky or low-tech, but this water cooler balances functionality and modern design perfectly, making it a great option for various homes.

Keep In Mind

The icebox does not keep the ice cubes frozen unless it is constantly running, which uses a lot of water and can be frustrating if you do not want the system cycling constantly.

2. Avalon A5 Self Cleaning Bottleless Water Cooler Dispenser

Avalon A5

Avalon has a huge focus on quality products. They value their customers and have great customer service. The water dispenser itself is durable and reliable with very little maintenance. Unlike some water dispensers, you do not have to purchase jugs of water to provide water. Instead, it installs right into a water line, which provides a constant water source.

Some people look to water dispensers to provide clean, consistent water, which is no different. Even though there is no jug of filtered water attached, the dispenser itself has both a carbon and a sediment filter to reduce and, in some cases, even remove contaminants in your water. The filters need to be replaced every 1,500 gallons or approximately 6 months.

There are three temperature settings, including cold water, cool and hot. The hot water button has a safety lock to prevent children from accidentally burning themselves. The system is self-cleaning, which can prevent the build-up of germs and bacteria in the system. It utilizes an ozone feature to ensure the dispenser provides clean, safe water and won’t get you sick from any bacteria in the system.

Why We Love It

The dispenser hooks right into your water line and will filter the water as it goes through the system. Additionally, Avalon has great customer service.

Keep In Mind

The catch drain can fill quickly when the dispenser is used a lot. Additionally, the filters can be expensive though they only need to be replaced every 6 months or 1,500 gallons.

3. Primo Deluxe Hot/Cool/Cold Water Dispenser

Primo Deluxe

There are several great features built into this Primo Deluxe water dispenser. One of the main features is bottom loading, so the jug is stored out of sight and not visible. It gives the system a clean and professional look.

Another great feature is how simple installation is. There are no tools required, and it can be set up very easily. The dispenser uses a standard 5-gallon jug or “water bottle,” as it is sometimes called. You can invest in the Primo brand, which is sold at most Walmart stores, or in nearly any other standard 5-gallon jug.

The dispenser has three water temperatures. The hot water should be hot enough to steep tea or make coffee in. The only downside is there doesn’t appear to be a safety lock on the hot water, which could pose a risk to young children. The cold water is very refreshing. There is also a drip tray to prevent any spills that do need to be cleaned as needed.

Why We Love It

This is a very modern-looking water dispenser. The 5-gallon jug is stored beneath the system and is out of sight, so it looks clean and professional.

Keep In Mind

The water cooler makes a bit of noise when running, especially for the cold water. There does not appear to be a safety lock on the hot water button.

4. HOmeLabs Bottom Loading Water Dispenser

HOmeLabs Bottom

This hOmeLabs dispenser is designed for usability in a wide range of settings. It is compatible with 3 or 5-gallon bottles so that you can customize the volume of water to your needs. The compact and modern design of the system makes it a great option for gyms, homes, or offices to fit nearly anywhere.

A door covers the water jug, so it looks professional and continuous. Additionally, the water dispenser makes it easy for anyone to change out the water jugs without lifting the jugs high and over the dispenser itself.

The LED control panel is a nice added feature that includes a night light and a refill bottle alert, so you aren’t constantly checking the bottle’s status underneath. These features are well thought out for user functionality. It includes a 2-year warranty, not something you usually see on a water cooler such as this.

Why We Love It

This is a versatile water dispenser that is great in various locations, including offices, homes, or even gyms. It comes with a great warranty and a money-back guarantee and is compatible with 3 or 5-gallon water bottles.

Keep In Mind

The pump can be a bit loud and is especially noticeable in quiet places such as an office. The noise is usually loudest when it is making cold water. Additionally, there is no self-cleaning feature.

5. New Wave Enviro Stainless Steel Water Dispenser

New Wave Enviro

New Wave created a simple and the best water dispenser that is easy to transport and looks great in classrooms, offices, homes, and gyms. The dispenser is compatible with both 3 and 5-gallon water bottles so that you can cater to the volume of water to your needs.

The dispenser also has a 2.2-gallon volume that can hold, but there is no cover or lid to keep the water in or keep things from getting into the water. There is no temperature control for the dispenser; it is simply gravity fed and will be at room temperature unless you put ice into the dispenser to make it cold.

New Wave designed and constructed this dispenser from high-quality materials, including #304 food-grade stainless steel and a BPA-free spigot. Using these great materials ensures a clean, fresh taste and means there is no chemical leaching into your water.

The dispenser itself is under 2 pounds without water in it and is functional but looks great. The spigot is also specially designed for optimal water flow, so you can fill up your water on the go without having to wait for a slow spigot.

Why We Love It

This is a simple, no installation water dispenser that is easy to use and transport. It is constructed from safe materials that prevent chemicals from leaching into the water.

Keep In Mind

The dispenser does not come with a lid or cover, so it is impossible to transport water within the dispenser itself. Additionally, there is no temperature control on the dispenser.

6. Primo White Cold Water And Hot Water Cooler

Primo White Cold

This bottom loading water dispenser offers hot and cold water. The hot water button has a child safety lock on it to prevent anyone from accidentally spilling or burning themselves. While Primo does produce its own 5-gallon water bottles, this water cooler is compatible with any standard jug.

The compact design and white color ensure this system can be used virtually anywhere and look nice. It has an immaculate look but would not stand out in a home or office setting. Its design is more based on function rather than fashion.

The water cooler only offers hot or cold water and does not have a tepid water option. Installation is simple and does not require any tools, so you can have it up and running as soon as it is delivered. While the pump does make some noise, it is overall very quiet compared to other pumps used in similar settings.

Why We Love It

This is a simple yet effective water cooler that is well designed yet functional. There is minimal installation needed to get the water dispenser up and running. Having the water bottle hidden underneath gives it a modern and clean look.

Keep In Mind

The system does not have a warranty and needs to be maintained for it to continue working. It also only has a hot or cold water option, no neutral temperature water.

7. Primo Water Cooler – 3 Temperature Settings

Primo Water Cooler

This water cooler is very modern looking but is extremely functional as well. It has valuable design features while being aesthetically pleasing. There are three temperatures offered: hot, cool, and cold. There is no wait time for hot or cold water, which is an asset to the product.

While there can be a bit of noise when the system is actively cooling the water, it is a very quiet product. It is Energy Star rated and, therefore, very efficient and does not use extra energy.

The dependability, ease of changing water jugs, compatibility with several volumes of jugs, and multiple temperature settings make this a versatile system used in a home, gym, office, or anywhere else that needs fresh, clean water.

The jugs of water themselves already come filtered, so you do not have to worry about filtering the water. Primo has its own brand of water, but any standard 3 or 5-gal. The bottle will fit in the water dispenser.

Why We Love It

Primo is a top-quality brand, and this water dispenser is no different. It is compatible with all standard 3 and 5-gal. Water jugs and has a clean, modern design.

Keep In Mind

When the system is actively chilling the water, it can be noisy, about the same as a refrigerator. Additionally, the cold and cool water are very close in temperature.

8. Avalon Premium Hot/Cold Top Loading Dispenser

Avalon Premium Hot

This countertop water dispenser is incredibly simple, yet gets the job done. It does not take up a lot of space, but you do need somewhere to put it. Before purchasing, you should think of a good location for this water dispenser that is efficient and accessible.

This water cooler provides both hot and cold water. The hot water has a child safety feature that prevents any unintentional injuries by children or even people walking by and bumping the water cooler.

This best water cooler is top-loading, so someone will have to lift a 5-gal water bottle and insert it into the top of the dispenser. The benefit to a top-loading water dispenser is you can always see the water level and easily know when to change it.

This Avalon water dispenser is also quite compact, standing at 19-inches high (without the water bottle), 12-inches deep, and 12 inches wide so that it can fit nearly anywhere. It also has a 3.1-liter cold water tank and a 1-liter hot water tank, so you do not have to wait for the water to heat up or cool down.

Why We Love It

The simplicity of this water dispenser is paramount. It can sit on a countertop and be within reach in a variety of locations. The dispenser is deficient in maintenance, has a simple design, and is Energy Star certified.

Keep In Mind

If you live in a small home or work in a small office, this could take up valuable counter space and potentially a much-needed outlet as well.

9. Avalon A4BLWTRCLR Water Dispenser, 3 Or 5-Gallon Bottle

Avalon A4BLWTRCLR Water Dispenser

Avalon is definitely a name brand with water dispensers, and this water cooler is no different. It is a bit bigger than some other models on this list, but it has some great features. The bottom-loading design eliminates the need to lift the heavy jugs up and over the dispenser.

Additionally, the water bottle is out of sight, giving the entire system a cleaner and more modern look. A low water indicator light is included on the lighting panel on the front, so you don’t have to worry about constantly checking the water level or running out of water altogether. The lighting panel also provides a night light so you can find the water cooler in the dark without having to turn on the lights.

The dispenser is compatible with both 3 and 5-gallon water bottles and has three distinct water temperatures: cold, cool, and hot. The hot water is enough to steep tea or makes coffee, saving time throughout the day. Overall this system is straightforward to use, though it can take several steps to get set up.

Why We Love It

This Avalon water dispenser is sleek and modern looking. It is bottom loading and has a low water indicator, so you don’t have to check the water level constantly.

Keep In Mind

The installation has several steps and can be tricky. Additionally, when the pump is running, it can be a bit loud.

10. Primo Stainless Steel 1 Spout Self-Sanitizing

Primo Stainless Steel

Primo produces great products, and they pulled out all the stops on this water cooler. It is a bottom loading dispenser, so you don’t have to lift the heavy jugs of water high and worry about spilling. Additionally, there is a door that covers up the jug giving it a professional and clean look.

There are light indicators on the front that indicates when the water is low and turn on at night to prevent spills. The dispenser will self-sanitize with modern ozone technology. This ensures the water tanks and lines will not be breeding grounds for bacteria. One item to note is the cleaning does take time and can produce a faint smell.

The water dispenser provides hot, cold, or cool water. There is a child safety feature on the hot water button. There are water reservoirs within the water cooler, so the water is always at the correct temperature.

It is compatible with both 3 and 5-gallon water bottles. Primo has its own water available in many locations, but it does work with any standard water bottle.

Why We Love It

Primo pulled out all the stops on this water dispenser, including a self-sanitizing feature, a dishwasher-safe removable drip tray, and a 1-year limited warranty.

Keep In Mind

The self-cleaning feature takes some time and has a slight odor. This is normal and should be expected.

Water Cooler Dispenser Buying Guide

While it may seem like there is not much difference between one water dispenser and another, there are actually various features and designs that can impact your decision-making process. Some of these feature differences could come down to personal preference, but others focus on safety and energy efficiency.

Best Water Cooler Dispenser

In this buying guide, we will break down some of the subtle differences between water coolers and how the features could affect your purchasing decision.

Bottom Or Top Loading

Potentially one of the biggest features that could make a difference in your purchasing decision is if the water dispenser is top or bottom loading. Both have their advantages and disadvantages, but it can make a big difference in which water dispenser you choose.

Top loading water coolers require the ability to lift a 3 or 5-gallon water bottle onto the top of the water cooler itself. This is the biggest disadvantage to a top-loading water cooler as the water bottles can be quite heavy and can also spill if not placed correctly into the top of the water dispenser.

One of the major advantages of a top-loading water dispenser is it uses gravity for water flow. There is no need for a pump to get the water to where it needs to be; it simply uses the laws of nature to do the work for it. A second advantage is that the jug is visible, so you have an easy view of when you have to switch it out.

Bottom loading water dispensers have the advantage of not needing to lift the water bottles very high, which can be very beneficial for those who cannot lift heavy objects. Though the bottle does still need to be moved, it doesn’t have to be lifted, which can make a huge difference for individuals who can’t lift things.

Gravity does not work in a bottom loading water dispenser’s favor, so they usually have a pump to water up into the hot and cold water reservoirs. When the pump runs, it can be a bit loud and should be expected for any water cooler. Additionally, sometimes the tube that connects the pump to the reservoir is not long enough, resulting in some water not being used in the water bottle.

Bottom loading water dispensers usually have a door to cover the water jug. This is a more modern and professional look, but it also means you cannot just glance at the water dispenser to determine if the water bottle needs to be replaced. Most bottom loading dispensers counteract this issue by providing a low water indicator light, alerting you when the jug should be replaced.

Self Cleaning

Some water dispensers use ozone technology to self-clean the tubes and reservoirs where water is stored. This is a nice feature that helps prevent any bacteria from building up within the system.

Child Safety Feature

Some water coolers come with a child safety feature on the hot water button. This can prevent unwanted injuries or accidents from happening, whether with a child or not. If the water cooler will be around children or even just in a high traffic area, having the safety feature could benefit.


As with many appliances, having a warranty can be a huge bonus if a faulty system or any issues might arise. Not all water dispensers come with a warranty, and there are limitations on the others, but having a warranty could be a huge asset.

Night Light

This might seem a bit silly, but having a night light on the water cooler can actually be very nice, especially if you are a night owl with kids or light sleepers in the house. The night light is usually bright enough so you can see to fill your cup but not overbearing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is installing a water cooler difficult?

Most water coolers do not require any major installation or tools. They are fairly simple to set up, though take care to follow instructions.

Does water in a water cooler smell weird?

When you first set it up, there may be a smell or taste to the water, usually like plastic. This can be fixed by running some hot water through the system before adding the water bottle.

Do water coolers make noise?

There may be some noise from bottom loading dispensers when the pump activates to fill the water reservoirs. This is not a constant noise, though!


No matter the brand or features you end up choosing during your decision-making process, what matters is that you get the right water dispenser for your needs. Whether you prefer top or bottom loading, countertop, or standalone, the best water cooler for you is out there.

Despite having subtle differences, it is important to look at all of the details and features when choosing the best water dispensers. Knowing the features that are important to you is the key to making a great choice.

Hopefully, this article has helped guide you to the best water coolers for your home or office!

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